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30 is the new 20.



While Beyonce accomplished so much in her 20’s she really took it to the max close to her 30’s. She released an album on her own terms and she had her child, Blue Ivy. This inspires me to be okay with the fact that everything may not happen in your 20’s.

I am in the middle between 20somethings and 30’s and I cringe every time I think about it, but knowing there is hope at the end of the 20 something tunnel is exciting and refreshing. While I still have a lot do before 30 comes, I’m excited for the journey.


Bring it on, 30. I’m ready.


XO Arella

P.S Tell me what age makes you cringe in the comments below!

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Welcome to my "Yonce taught me” series! 



I just want to start off by saying I’m not a stan of Beyonce (she is amazing) But this series is not from a place of obsession, let’s just get that clear! This post comes from a place of growth and understanding and realization. So many times so much pressure is put on women and men In society to be a certain way or do certain things.


Beyonce has broken a lot of those standards and has been true to what she wanted to do pretty much her whole career. Her album she released on her own money, her relationship with Jay Z (I’m sure people were telling her oh you need to be married…blah blah) but she knew that her and Jay would get married on their own terms.  Her pregnancy and motherhood. Everyone has a million questions about Blue Ivy and why she dresses a certain way and/or how her hair looks. Beyonce chose to do it her Way which a lot of people don’t do or are scared to do. 

This inspired me. So that in turn made me create this series. 

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. 




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