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When I got invited to #cocktailswithclaire I was floored. I was floored because as a blogger who has been writing since forever (I'm old AF now) I never really know who is watching. What I mean is,I know people who read what I have to say and or my posts on social media but getting invited to a major event hosted by the founder of Fashion Bomb Daily is huge for me. Especially since it was a Chicago event and most of the people in attendance were other known fashion bloggers,it was just dope all around for me. 

This isn't my first contact with Fashion Bomb Daily either.


Claire Sulmers and I,the founder of Fashion Bomb Daily!

  I interned with a media company here in Chicago and I did so many events with them and I also helped with their magazine as well. I had pretty much creative control over stories I would do and I wanted to interview Claire, because she was a game changer in the fashion industry and for black bloggers like me. I emailed her and we never could get in contact and after a initial response,I never got anything back. At the time I was bummed because it was someone I looked up to and I had this great vision for this article. In the end my article ended up being great,I do believe that things happen for a reason! 

So fast forward to now,I get a email from someone from Fashion Bomb Daily  wanting me to come to their event in Chicago because they love my blog. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that was asked but it feels good to be noticed and its always funny how God works on things. I couldn't get a response before but now I'm getting asked to attend THEIR event. Crazy right?! 


Selfie with Ashunta Sheriff she is the Makeup Artist for Empire 

I REALLY enjoyed the event and I actually meet Claire herself and took a picture which was terrible because my eyes were closed, I may just post it for reference but I looked crazy! I loved that not only was the event in a very cool venue (Food For Thought Enterprises) all of the vendors were All Women,All Black Owned businesses, can you say #blackgirlmagic ?! I really hate that I missed the panel discussion because I think that would have been very insightful to hear about who's already in the fashion business and any advice they would pass along.


I love Goodies! #giftbag

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Fashion Bomb Daily's CocktialswithClaire and Miss Diddy event, food was good,networked and enjoyed sometime with my sister who was my date for the night,they also partnered with the non for profit Cure Violence here in Chicago that helpes combat and diffuse gun violence. I liked that they picked a great cause that will directly address the issues with violence that is going on, loved that they researched that. If you all get a chance I would recommend going to a #cocktailswithclaire in your city!  

For more info visit: Fashion Bomb Daily and Cure Violence



My look for the Event was a shirt dress from Discovery Clothing Company,$20 and a pair of my Fave vintage Zara Heels! On my lips I have on Kylie Jenner Matte lipstick in "Freedom".


XOXO Arella 



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Welcome to my "Yonce taught me” series! 



I just want to start off by saying I’m not a stan of Beyonce (she is amazing) But this series is not from a place of obsession, let’s just get that clear! This post comes from a place of growth and understanding and realization. So many times so much pressure is put on women and men In society to be a certain way or do certain things.


Beyonce has broken a lot of those standards and has been true to what she wanted to do pretty much her whole career. Her album she released on her own money, her relationship with Jay Z (I’m sure people were telling her oh you need to be married…blah blah) but she knew that her and Jay would get married on their own terms.  Her pregnancy and motherhood. Everyone has a million questions about Blue Ivy and why she dresses a certain way and/or how her hair looks. Beyonce chose to do it her Way which a lot of people don’t do or are scared to do. 

This inspired me. So that in turn made me create this series. 

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. 




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