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I made the scary decision of leaving a job I called home for 6 years. I left for various reason (May do a post on it?!) but It was time to take a leap and jump. A lot people were upset at me leaving, for obvious reason but during this transition I've realized that I care way too much about what others have to say about me and my own decisions. While I miss all of my amazing coworkers and clients I know in my heart this was the best decision for me. At the end of the day that is all that matters. I had been neglecting this blog because I never had the time or urge to post after a long shift at my job. That was blocking my goals and dreams. I needed change and I needed to go after my goals.They are Blogging, content creation,social media and Grad school. (Finally) I literally could have gotten my master's like 5 times by now...but hey everyone's journey is different.


I'm writing this to inspire not only myself but others who struggle with the stigma or guilt of making a somewhat rash decision on their own terms. Don't try this at home though,it is not for everyone! Not too long ago I attended an event hosted by Andrea Lewis. Andrea is a actress and producer who is has countless credits in TV and Film. She just recently launched Jungle Wild productions which she creates and produces an array of content for the Web. Many of you may remember her from our "Black Actress" giveaway or the interview we covered with her a while back. 


Andrea Lewis and I 


 The titile of the event  was "Taking a Leap of faith". I literally almost cried when I read the title because I felt like it was made for me to go to this, and let me tell you it was everything! I learned so much, from industry knowledge, heard testimony about the struggles of making it and staying relevant and current. It was based mostly on acting but the lessons can be applied to any creative or even career goal. Erica Hubbard was one of the panelists and Dushon Brown from Chicago Fire, who by the way maintains a full time job and raising a teenager all while being on a hit TV show....what is your excuse?! 

 All of the panelists gave very insightful views on taking a leap of faith as a creative and being consistent and concise with your efforts. It really reassured me that the decision was the right one and while it may be tough it is possible. As the year comes to a close Ive been doing a lot of reflection and realize its time to go for it,whatever IT may be. 





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