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30 is the new 20.



While Beyonce accomplished so much in her 20’s she really took it to the max close to her 30’s. She released an album on her own terms and she had her child, Blue Ivy. This inspires me to be okay with the fact that everything may not happen in your 20’s.

I am in the middle between 20somethings and 30’s and I cringe every time I think about it, but knowing there is hope at the end of the 20 something tunnel is exciting and refreshing. While I still have a lot do before 30 comes, I’m excited for the journey.


Bring it on, 30. I’m ready.


XO Arella

P.S Tell me what age makes you cringe in the comments below!

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Lesson Number 1.

Change is inevitable.


Change is something that has to happen.  When the music industry changed Beyonce had to adapt. She had to switch it up. She did features and sounds that were unlike anything she has ever done.

 It was very successful but it was a risk. Luckily for her and us,it worked. (Side Note:  Beyonce was my fave album to date!)

In anything  change is something that can be positive and something that needs to be embraced. I often notice with change comes fear and thats why many times change doesn't come.

Thank you, Bey.  


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